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Glossary - M

  • Method of extracting active ingredients from a substance. This method is used for making liqueurs and extracting essential oils . When making liqueurs, fruit or aromatic plants are placed in alcohol in order to dissolve its active components. Essential oils are extracted using solvents.
  • Barley or some other grains that have undergone the malting process.
  • Malting This is a process in whiskey production which involves the soaking and germination of barley grains and subsequent drying. During this process some starches are converted to sugars .
  • Mix of solid and liquid sake parts.
  • Material, welches durch das Zerdücken von Trauben oder anderen Früchten entsteht. Davon produziert man verschiedene alkoholische Getränke.
  • During this whiskey process the malted grains are grinded so a greater quantity of starch may be released. This malt is then mixed with hot boiling water in a vessel called the mash tun and after a couple of hours the starch is transformed into maltose.
  • Masu Traditional square wooden vessel where sake is served. It may be placed on a saucer or a cup can be placed inside it. In the feudal times it was used as a measure unit for rice.
  • Mead An ancient alcoholic beverage enjoyed by the Celts, Saxons and Vikings made from the fermentation of honey with the addition of yeast and water.
  • Result of the fermentation of the liquid harvested from the grapes/dates in Arak production.
  • Metallic belt structure The metallic belt structure consists of a number of belts which are permanently welded along the bottom and sides of a large alembic A long metal bar is then welded to the top side of this structure to act as an axle. The copper pot is then assembled on a permanent brick structure to hold the axle and allow it to pivot. This structure facilitates the discharge of residues.
  • Also known as methyl alcohol or wood alcohol and is a highly flammable and toxic alcohol. It is present in alcoholic distillates and is removed as part of the heads where it is concentrated.
  • These are Greek gastronomic delights similar to the Spanish tapas and are normally served accompanied by ouzo .
  • Mixto Tequila made from 51% blue agave sugars and 49% from other sources.
  • A thick sticky syrup produced as a by product of the sugar refining process.
  • Moonshine Name given to high alcoholic grade beverages, characteristic of each Country, many times produced illegally. The expression means "by the shadow of the moon", reflecting its illegal nature.
  • Must Pressed mass of grapes in their juice where fermentation will take place.
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