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Glossary - G

  • Geranium A garden plant native to Southern Africa and used for the extraction of essential oils , for perfumes, and pharmaceutical preparations. The geranium plant has antiseptic properties and is a great insect repellent.
  • Germination Initial embryonic stages of plant growth from a seed, bulb or tuber.
  • Gin This is the famed Dutch eau-de-vie made from juniper berries, at first introduced into England and now appreciated worldwide.
  • Grande Champagne Grand Champagne has nothing to do with champagne, the sparkling drink but is one of the six Cognac producing regions in France. The cognacs produced in this region are considered to be of the best due to the quality of the soils.
  • Grappa This is the Italian term for a vinic alcohol or grape spirit eau-de-vie . In Italy coffee may be accompanied by a shot of grappa (Caffè Corretto).
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