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Glossary - J

  • Typical Serbian Moonshine, brandy made from apples.
  • Jasmine Originally found in the European, Asiatic and African continents and highly appreciated for its exotic fragrance. Jasmine flowers are used in Aromatherapy treatments and in the perfume industry.
  • Yellow colouration of the skin and the white of the eyes from excess bile pigment in the blood deposited in these tissues.
  • Jeropiga This is a sweet wine made in Portugal. A Jeropiga is made by suspending the fermentation process of a grape must with the addition of grape spirit ( eau-de-vie ) before all the sugars have been converted into alcohol. It may be used to sweeten Port wines.
  • A Portuguese unit of measure used by the older generations. 1 Jiga is equal to 10 litres.
  • Jojoba Native to arid regions of Central and South America. Jojoba oil is extracted from the flowers and used as a carrier oil , it is also used by the perfume industry and for cosmetics.
  • Juniper This plant is native to the European continent. Its berries have many culinary uses including the flavouring of alcoholic drinks. Essential oils extracted from this plant are used in aromatherapy treatments by virtue of its antiseptic , calming and digestive properties.
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