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Glossary - S

  • Sakazuki Vessel similar to a saucer used to serve sake.
  • Sake Japanese liqueur made out of fermented rice and water with an alcoholic grade between 18% and 20%.
  • Sandalwood A tropical Asian tree valued for its wood and used for extracting essential oils used in the perfume and cosmetics industry. It has a warm sweet fragrance and is used in India in religious rituals.
  • Schnapps This is a German term for a strong clear unsweetened distillate or eau-de-vie made from various grains or fruits.
  • Serpentine coil This is a spiral tube in the interior of the condenser or condensing unit which allows for the distillate vapours to condense and run off.
  • Sesame seeds The oily seeds of this plant, native to India, are used for making vegetable oils, flour and cosmetics.
  • Sherry Sherry is a fortified wine from the Jerez de la Frontera region in Spain. It is a strong sweet wine made from selected wine grape varieties.
  • Shubo Grain paste result of the mixture between Kóji , water and vaporized rice. It is left to ferment on a vat for 30 days.
  • Sieve This perforated plate is incorporated in some alembics especially for the steam distillation units to separate the organics from the water or eau-de-vie . It may also be sold separately for placing at the base of the alembic pot to avoid burning the mash or caramelising the sugars present.
  • Typical Serbian Moonshine, brandy made from plums.
  • Term that expresses the ability of a substance to dissolve in another substance.
  • Result of the distillation of Mestar.
  • Spout This is the outlet pipe for the distillate from the condensation unit of an alembic or alquitar .
  • Star Anis This plant is native to China and Japan and is similar to aniseed although more potent .It has anti-inflammatory , antiseptic , calming, digestive, and diuretic properties. It is used in cuisine, for making essential oils and to flavour liqueurs. The main component of Tamiflu, the well known medication used against bird flu (H5N1), is star anis.
  • Pharmacological agent that acts upon the central nervous system for increasing physical activity, increasing levels of concentration, mood and cognitive abilities.
  • Sugar Carbohydrate found naturally in fruits and vegetables. Sugar may be made from sugar cane, sugar beet or corn. When added to a must or wash it accelerates the fermentation process. Invert sugar: Is obtained by heating sugar syrup and acidic substances to break down sucrose into its basic components - glucose and fructose. Raw sugar: This type of sugar is not fully processed. It may include demerara and muscovado which do not undergo the refining process.
  • A strong mineral acid that is soluble in water and accumulates in alembics when not used for some time. High concentrations of this acid may be corrosive.
  • Swan neck Connecting pipe between the vapour chamber and the condensing unit with the characteristic swan neck shape. Evaporating vapours from the alembic pass through the swan neck and liquefy in the condenser.
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