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Frequently asked questions - FAQ


What is an Essential Oil?

What are Essential Oils used for?

What is a Carrier Oil?

Why do Essential Oils need to be diluted before being applied?

What is Aromatherapy?

What are Hydrosols?

What is the best method to extract Essential Oils and Hydrosols?

Do Essential Oils and Hydrosols have a shelf life?

Why are my Essential oils greyish green in colour?

Why is my essential oil cloudy?

What type of equipment do you recommend for extraction of essential oils?


What is an Alembic?

What is an Alquitar?

Are your Alembics and Alquitars made of 100% copper?

Do your Alembics come with a guarantee?

Are the distilling suggestions for alcoholic beverages and essential oils presented on your site easy to follow?

What kind of materials may I distil?

Is distilling dangerous?

Is distilling legal?

How may I know the alcoholic percentage or volume of a distillate?

What may I do with sour wine?

May I dilute an alcoholic distillate?

What is the purpose of distillation?

Which alembic is suited to distil spirits such as whiskey, rum or gin?

How much water should I fill the pot with when beginning distillation?

When do I know the good distillate is coming out and when I should stop collecting the results?

Can I use the same alembic for making alcohol and essential oils?

Do you sell separate parts of the alembic like the condenser, column or just the pot?

What type / amounts of results will I achieve from a distillation?

How can I maintain the water in the condenser at an appropriate temperature without overflowing?

What liquid/fuel do I put in the wick lamp?


Is it safe to leave food inside my copper cookware?

Is it safe to cook in copper cookware?

Do I need to remove the varnish before using my copper kitchenware?

How do I clean my copper kitchenware after using?

Do I need to make a first cleaning before using my copper kitchenware?

Can I use dishwashing detergent to clean my copper kitchenware?

Can I use a scouring pad to clean my copper kitchenware?

Can I use my copper cookware in induction hobs?

Can I wash my copper cookware in the dishwasher?

Can I use stainless steel/other metal cutlery to stir the food inside my copper utensils?

Why do you tin some of your copper cookware?

Is it safe to leave food inside my tinned cookware?

How long does the tinning last?

How do I clean my tinned cookware?

What type of maintenance does copper kitchenware require?

Will my copper cookware tarnish over time?

How do I clean my varnished decorative copper pieces?

 Ordering, Shipping and Payment

How may I place my order? (Desktop)

How may I place my order? (Mobile)

Which currencies do you accept?

What payment options do you have?

Which countries do you ship to?

Have you experienced any shipping restrictions?

What is the procedure when there are customs restrictions for importation?

What is your company’s responsibility?

Shipping Charges?

What is the delivery period for your products?

Do you accept Returns?

Is there a minimum value for placing an order?

What advantages do I have in registering?

Why can I not print the order page for the Bank Transfer Payment Method?

What about customs duties or import taxes?

Will I have to pay Value Added Tax over and above the listed prices?

Can you ship by regular mail?

What is the copper thickness in your products?

Do you send instructions or a manual with your equipments?

Do you manufacture alembic stills in stainless steel?

What is the difference between your Premium line and normal range alembics?

Did you have problems upon arrival of the package or were there any damaged items during transport?

My thermometer developed bubbles on the column, separating the liquid, how do I fix it?

My soldered union alembic is leaking, what should I do?

My Riveted Union alembic is leaking, what should I do?

Electric plates 500W and 1200W


Can I visit you in Portugal?

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