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Glossary - H

  • Haut Armagnac One of the three French districts where Armagnac is produced. This district produces lower quality armagnac .
  • Refers to the first part of alcoholic distillate to flow from the condenser that is separated and discarded because of undesirable components that are present and that may spoil the distillate such as methanol .
  • This is the part of distillate fit for human consumption, the part with the ethanol . The hearts are extracted after the heads and before the tails . To calculate the precise cutting off points an alcoholmeter is used.
  • Hydrolats = Floral waters
  • Hypodermis The lowermost layer of skin with loose connective tissue and fat cells that together with the epidermis and dermis protects the body from external damage.
  • This is a region of the brain below the thalamus responsible for processing emotions, for the central nervous system, endocrine system, body temperature control, appetite and water balance in our organism.
  • Hyssop An aromatic plant native to the Mediterranean and Central Asia, highly esteemed for its therapeutic properties. The leaves, flowers and stems are all used in aromatherapy treatments, for perfume making and liqueurs . It is known as an anti-inflammatory for the throat and tonsils.
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