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Glossary - R

  • Traditional Turkish Moonshine made from aniseed.
  • Refining lentil An alembic accessory placed between the vapour chamber of the alembic and the swan neck pipe. Its main purpose is to save time as the distiller has no need to proceed with a second distillation process to obtain higher levels of alcohol in the final distillate. The refining lentil carries out an initial condensation of vapors as heavier (less volatile ) substances drop back into the still pot thus only allowing lighter vapours (higher alcohol concentration ) to pass through to the water cooled coils in the condenser .
  • These plates or trays are placed horizontally in the fractionating column and allow for the successive condensation and re- evaporation of the distillate resulting in higher alcoholic concentrations equivalent to multiple distillations.
  • Reflux column This horizontal column is placed on top of the alembic unit and functions much like the fractioning column . The refining plates in this case are replaced by packing. As the vapours rise up the column the heavier or less volatile components condense on the packing while the more volatile vapours continue to rise up and are drawn off.  This results in a distillate with a higher alcoholic concentration .
  • Rivet This is a small round metal peg used in the construction of riveted union alembics and alquitars . The rivet is hammered into a small hole joining two plates together and hammered at the other end to form two heads and a permanent bond.
  • Rosemary An aromatic plant of Mediterranean origin often used as a condiment, for teas and for flavouring liqueurs . It is also used for making essential oils and floral waters because of its therapeutic properties.
  • Rum Rum is a distilled beverage made from  molasses  and may have distinctive properties depending on the country of origin.
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