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Glossary - P

  • Parrot spout A fundamental accessory placed at the exiting spout of a condenser and used in conjunction with an alcoholmeter for taking constant alcoholic concentration readings of the distillate. It is useful for determining precise cut off points .
  • Patchouli A plant native to India with therapeutic properties used to make essential oils and perfumes.
  • Decaying plant matter found in marshes and swamps and used as a combustible fuel.
  • Petite Champagne One of the six French Cognac producing regions. The soil is similar to that of Grand Champagne , and a cognac of similar quality is produced there.
  • Refers to the measure of acidity or alkalinity in a solution - the lower the pH the higher the acidity. A pH of 7 is considered neutral.
  • Phylloxera This insect is native to the American continent and was introduced to Europe by vines brought over from there. These insects caused a terrible crises that destroyed many grape vines and continue plague wine growers.
  • Pot This is the part of the alembic where the wash or mash is placed and heated to encourage the evaporation of the more volatile components for the extraction of alcoholic distillates, essential oils and floral waters .
  • Pre-heater This is like a holding tank or reservoir for the Charentais Alembic . This recipient with its peculiar onion shape is filled with wine and is preheated by the swan neck pipe which passes through it. The heat is generated by the vapours from the pot or boiler. The pre-heated wine is subsequently passed to the pot for distillation . This unit is considered a time saver and is the traditional still for making Cognac brandies.
  • Pulque An ancient fermented beverage made from aguamiel, the juice extracted from the agave plant. This beverage is still consumed in Mexico.
  • Tradicional Estonian Moonshine, made from potatoes.
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