Precision Vinometer



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The Vinometer, a useful instrument to measure the alcohol volume of wine (normal or sour – no longer suitable for consumption) you wish to distill providing an approximate idea of distillation results in terms of alcohol volume.

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A vinometer is made up of an open, graduated glass tube with a small filling reservoir. This reservoir or funnel is filled with a small amount of wine. The wine will descend to the other extremity and exit. It is very important to eliminate all air bubbles. Once all air bubbles have been eliminated, it is then turned upside down and placed on a flat surface, and allowed to self drain.

The alcohol concentration level is read by a small air bubble descending on the capillary tube. Where this air bubble stops, take your alcoholic volume percentage reading.

    Weight0.2 kg
    Height x Diameter12.5 mm x 6 mm