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Professional Copper Distillery Systems

Professional Copper Distillery Systems
Iberian Coppers Lda has been the reference in professional distilleries worldwide. Handcrafted by Portuguese artisans, all our professional systems are manufactured with the best copper quality and with great care and expertise. The craftsmanship and care in manufacturing these copper pot stills guarantee an unsurpassable quality, reliability and durability. Our experience and know-how, which has been passed on from generation to generation, allows us to customize the copper stills to best suit our customer. Our Al-Ambiq® Professional systems have been used to all kinds of Craft...
The Professional Soldered Union Copper Alembic is a high-quality distillery system designed for professionals in the art of distillation. This alembic is meticulously crafted...
This soldered union alembic Premium includes a copper pot, a draining pipe with brass stopper, a rotating column attached to the pot with metallic axle, a lid, a swan neck, a...
The Charentais Alembic, the most graceful and beautiful of all alembics is also available in industrial size.
Calling all Professional and Craft distillers! We manufacture up to 1200 L!
This professional water bath distilling alembic is highly recommended for products which contain a relatively high level of sugar – for example fruit batches - or for the...
This model is intended for steam distillation only. It is identical to our 72820 model with the exception that it does not include a tubular condenser and internal refining...
For essential oils or hydrosols please refer to model 72810 - this system does not include a tubular condenser with refining lentils which are totally unnecessary for this...
This type of professional distilling system may be used to distil numerous liquids including sour wines.
Our oldest Portuguese system, this continuous distilling system only functions by vapour distillation.
This is identical to our 75300 model with the exception that it includes 2 columns and 2 refining condensers.
This is identical to our 75300 model with the exception that it includes 3 columns and 3 refining condensers.
This is identical to our 75300 model with the exception that it includes 4 columns and 4 refining condensers.
For clients who already have a Portuguese Arrastre de Vapor distilling system but now wish to expand it to include another distilling column and condenser.
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