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Apple Brandy

Riveted Alembic Still

Always choose the ripest apples and assort them accordingly as to use the ripest ones first.

The apples are then ground and pressed to obtain as much of the juice as possible.

After this, the cider is then put into a fermentation tank for around 6 – 12 days depending on the weather. You can tell if the fermentation process is over because you won't hear the bubbly noise anymore when you place a stick into the mix. This means the mixture is now ready to be distilled.

Make sure you fill the pot of your still with 40% of its capacity of boiling water before adding the mix ready to be distilled.

You can use any of these alembics to produce apple brandy: Traditional alembic with soldered unions / Traditional alembic with Riveted unions or any of the distilling appliance alembics with or without column, as well as our Bain marie alembics.

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