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7,5 L Moonshine Distiller Premium, Thermometer & Electric Plate

434.00 €
390.60 €
- 10%434.00 €
A very versatile distilling unit for beginners or those who have taken to distilling as a hobby. This compact still is an exact replica of the traditional alembic stills with onion shaped vapour chamber characteristic of the Moorish influence and used in Spain and Portugal for distilling eau-de vie. 
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Ideal to place on display in your home due to its graceful design. Great as a gift item or for beginners to the art of distilling essential oils.  It is assembled on a wood base and comes complete with a 500 W electric plate so no additional hardware is required.  A quick release brass fastener between the swan neck hood and the condensing recipient seals off all precious vapours.

Complete Set Includes: 

* copper pot with approximately 7,5 L capacity
* copper lid which acts as a vapour chamber
* quick release brass fastener between swan neck and condensing recipient 
* copper condenser with serpentine coil equipped with a water inlet and outlet for condenser
* 40º to 110ºC brass case Mercury Free thermometer 
* 500 W  “Made In Germany” electric plate with an infinitively variable temperature regulator 110/220 V - CE mark 
* copper cup
* wood base

By default the electric plates are set to 220 V, please set to the correct voltage for your country. Use the voltage selector on the side of the electric plate to set the voltage to 110 V if required.

The CE mark indicates conformity with legal directives of the European Union (EU) with regard to safety, health, environment and consumer protection.

Treatment: A first cleaning distillation is essential to clean impurities and other unwanted substances.  These substances, which are inherent to copper, are deposited after the still has not been in use for a relatively long period of time.

Detailed information will be available to client after purchase is made.

Wish to read more on distilling

Data sheet

7.5 L
0.9 mm
Varnish Treatment
Copper & Brass Handles
5.5 kg
Height x Length x Width (mm)
600 mm x 280 mm x 500 mm

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