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Online Calculators

These online calculators simulate the distillation process and may help with your distillation task for determining the purity of the resultant distillate and probable quantities of distillate. It may also prove useful for determining the best cut-off points for your distillate depending on the flavour profile you would like. You will need a mustimeter to calculate the initial alcohol percentage of the must or wash, a thermometer strategically placed to read the vapour temperature and an alcoholometer for determining the alcohol percentage of the final distilate. If your alembic does not have a thermometer attached, you can still determine cut-off points based on the alcoholometer readings. Once again depending on the desired result, cut-off points may vary between 18 and 25% alcohol. Distillates with lower cut-off points will have a fuller flavour derived from the congeners present in the tails. Output values are approximate estimations and they are not fool proof. They are based on mathematical equations which may not reflect your own results 100 % accurately. There are many variables to take into account when distilling including environmental conditions that may influence your distillation process. We reccomend you use these calculators merely as a guideline and for gaining insight into the whole distillation process. Distillation calculators are available for the traditional alembic and alembic with refining lentil. These early versions will undergo refining and fine tunning by repeated distillation experimentation in the coming weeks.

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