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Copper Vapor Generator Alembic Distilling Column & Coil
Copper Vapor Generator Alembic Distilling Column & Coil

Copper Vapor Generator Alembic Distilling Column & Coil

This model is intended for steam distillation only. It is identical to our 72820 model with the exception that it does not include a tubular condenser and internal refining lentils.
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It is ideal to distil essential oils and hydrosols as this type of distillation does not require the refining of vapours. Nonetheless it can also be used for alcohol distillations - the distiller must bear in mind that he will have to process a second or third distillation to obtain higher alcoholic concentrations.

Alembic Pot: The 400 L pot is intended to act solely as a boiler. As shown in the diagram above it should be mounted within a brick structure (not included) to help preserve the heat source. Constructed using a thicker gauge of copper sheeting -1,2mm side walls and 3mm base plate (like all other industrial models) the pot includes a semi automatic water inlet with a one way valve and a 220V electric high pressure water pump. An exterior glass level with scale is also included. A brass locking system is used between the pot and head to facilitate its removal. This model includes a cast iron door for wood combustion - complete with interior ash tray, cleaning recipient and metallic grid. If so desired some other heat source may be installed.

Column: The boiler generates vapour which travels through the piping into the bottom of the column. Here the vapour is evenly dispersed by means of a copper steam disperser. When compacting large quantities of organic material, a supplied copper sieve should be placed midway in the column. This is to distribute the weight of the organic material in the column and not clog the passage of vapours at the bottom. There are 3 different column sizes to choose from: 150L; 250L and 350L. Independent of size, columns may be packed to full capacity as the copper lid includes an internal bowl shaped sieve which will not permit the passage of material into the copper piping, obstructing vapour passage. However for liquid distillation, the column may only be filled up to 50% of its capacity to function correctly. To facilitate opening and closing of the lid, the column includes a solid brass exterior ring with locking devices and gasket to insure that no pressure is lost. To ease the lifting of the lid (quite heavy) a pulley with a counterweight is included. To facilitate the task of discharging, the column includes a flip-top axle to turn the column onto its side.

Condensing Recipient: No condensing recipient is provided with this model but just the simple 28mmØ copper coil. The distiller will need to build a cement water holding tank which will function as a condensing tank.

Warranty of distilling system - Up to 10 years depending on usage.

In order to obtain the technical specifications and further information such as requirements, values etc. for this system, please fill in our enquiry request form with your information and enquiries.

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