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Warrantee of Professional Distilling Systems

Duration of guarantee depends on usage and model. Please refer to each specific model to verify term of guarantee.

The stated term of guarantee is based on user only using the system during two months of harvest season (i.e. 45 days a year).

Should the user use the system on a non-stop continuous basis (i.e. 365 days a year), the guarantee period is reduced to half the time stated.

This warrantee does not apply to pipes, tubes, valves or other brass or copper connections, nor is it applicable in the event of the improper use or misuse of the system, or the use of the system in any unforeseen way, improper handling by unauthorised persons, or the consumer's failure to clean and maintain the system on a periodic basis, or failure to follow general precautions. This warrantee also does not cover normal wear and tear of parts.

Guarantee does not cover any damage caused by the adverse effects of water to system (i.e. results of using hard water etc.)

Any defective item which is covered by the warrantee will be replaced at no extra cost.

The consumer is required to provide written notice of any fault within two months of becoming aware of it.

General precautions for professional distilling systems

These systems have been manufactured with the highest concern for safety. However if used improperly, they have the potential for causing personal injury or even death, through possible explosion. To ensure accident-free operation, be sure to follow these general guidelines:

  • All distilling systems include pressure valves and monitors: user must certify that these are functioning properly, and a general maintenance check must be carried out at least once every six months by qualified personnel.
  • If the distilling systems includes an automatic or semi-automatic entrance of water to boiler, these along with connecting valves must be checked on a periodic basis to verify that these are free of debris and water is allowed to flow freely.
  • If the distilling system includes a water level indicator on the boiler, this must be constantly checked to verify if the boiler has sufficient water to function properly.
  • If system includes a separate distilling column, user must certify that the bottom sieve tray is not obstructed with residue from previous distillations, on a periodic basis, as any residue may prevent the passage of vapours through the column.
  • Extreme caution should be taken when opening distilling column (especially in alcohol distillation) to avoid the danger of vapour inhalation and/or burns.

User should take all the necessary precautions that will guarantee the system and the user's safety.

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