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Preserving Essential Oils

Essential oils are very delicate, volatile substances and need special care in order to preserve them in good condition. Independently of the method of extraction certain precautions should be taken with regard to any essential oil.

  • Keep them in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Never keep them in the bathroom, the humidity could ruin them. The ideal place would be a dark, cool cupboard.
  • Put the essential oils in airtight containers without rubber droppers as essential oils can dissolve the rubber, choose containers with separate droppers to facilitate accurate dosing and to avoid spillage or foreign matter from contaminating the essential oil.
  • Do not leave flasks with essential oils open as these can evaporate rapidly.
  • To avoid oxidation of the essential oils do not place them in used containers.
  • Label each flask with the name of the essential oil and the date of extraction.

Essential Oils

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