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Orange Liqueur

Orange Liqueur Distillation using a 6L Distilling Appliance

Ingredients: oranges, brown sugar, neutral spirit (e.g. vodka)

Method: simple distillation process

Suitable Stills:


Making an orange liqueur is not all that difficult and can be great fun especially if you're entertaining friends at home and wish to serve freshly made orange liqueur after a delightful dinner. We"ve simplified the process by providing you with easy step by step instructions on how to distil your own orange liqueur.

Although the still used in the demonstration is an appliance still you may use any type of still for this distillation process.

Many households in Portugal use this same basic recipe for making orange liqueurs at home. It could also be a great base for many dishes, ever tried orange honey baked chicken? Remember, you can modify this recipe in any way you like by trying other citrus fruits, or by adding a few cloves or honey. Ignite your imagination but remember to use spices sparingly or they may spoil your liqueur.


Step 1

Orange Distillation

Place orange slices into a dish and add brown sugar...

Step 2

Orange Distillation

Next, add a neutral spirit from a previous distillation or commercial vodka ...

Step 3

Orange Distillation

Now sprinkle some more sugar over the whole lot...

Step 4


and allow to stand overnight for the flavours to marry...

Step 5

Orange Distillation

After you've allowed the mixture to steep overnight you can begin preparing for the distillation. Begin by pouring your spirit into the pot; you can add water if you like, depending on the desired strength of your liqueur...

Step 6

Orange Distillation

Pour all the liquid from your mixture into the copper pot...

Step 7

Orange Distillation

Now place the sieve plate in the pot transforming it into a vapour distilling unit by means of a steam distillation process.

Step 8

Orange Distillation

Put your orange slices onto the sieve plate. This will allow the rising vapours to mingle with the orange slices thereby enhancing the flavour even further. Fit the rubber seal provided and place the lid onto the unit...

Step 9

Distilling Appliance

It's time to assemble the unit. Connect the condenser coil using the rapid locking/unlocking brass fastener...

Step 10

Distilling Appliance

Fasten the lid onto the pot using the screw handle to tighten and fill the condensing unit with cold water...

Step 11

Heating source

Adjust the temperature control to its highest position initially. Check the temperature of the copper tubing near the brass fastener regularly and once you find that you can no longer hold the copper tubing it's a sure sign the hot vapours have begun the distilling run. Lower the temperature control to position 2 and maintain a slow and steady distillation. A slow distillation ensures a high quality product.

Step 12


Use the small copper cup provided to collect all of the distillate. Seeing that we are using pure distilled spirit there is no need to remove impurities...

Step 13


And finally this liquid gold is ready to enjoy!

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