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130 L Bain Marie Professional Copper Alembic
130 L Bain Marie Professional Copper Alembic

130 L Bain Marie Professional Copper Alembic

This professional water bath distilling alembic is highly recommended for products which contain a relatively high level of sugar – for example fruit batches - or for the distillation of delicate organic materials which require special care and handling in order not to spoil their natural components.
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An example of this is the distillation of hydrosols or essential oils using flower petals. The sudden change of temperature, typical of a traditional alembic, may alter the chemical composition of the organic substance.

As the name suggests the water bath alembic works like a double boiler system in which one pot is placed inside another. The advantage of this system is that there is no direct contact between the product being distilled and the heat source so there is no danger that products containing high levels of sugar will burn (especially along the bottom plate and side walls) and ruin the whole batch.

The external pot has the capacity to hold 60 L of water. The heat source will make this water boil, and this hot water will in turn heat the batch in the interior pot.

The internal pot can hold approximately 130 L.

The pot comes equiped with:

  • Pressure and security valve and gauge
  • Glass water level indicator with discharging valve for cleaning
  • Water entrance with ball type valve to connect to main water system
  • Water discharging brass cap
  • Draining pipe with brass cap for internal discharging & cleaning
  • Thermometer for distillation temperature reading
  • Thermometer for internal water temperature indication

Copper coil & recipient: The condensing recipient also includes a thermometer for water temperature reading.

Warranty of distilling system - Up to 12 years depending on usage.

In order to obtain the technical specifications and further information such as requirements values etc. for this system, please contact us with your information and enquiries.

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