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Aromatherapy is considered as a field of complementary medicine and uses the aromatic properties of essential oils to promote physical and emotional health. Although a fairly recent practice, aromatic plants have been used since antiquity, to make perfumes, cosmetics and for healing body and soul.

Essential oils possess amazing therapeutic properties and depending on the essential oil they may have antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, digestive, antipyretic, stimulating or calming properties.

They ate highly volatile substances derived from plants whose cells exude powerful aromas. The composition of these aromatic components is quite complex and varied. It is scientifically proven that these aromas have definite effects on us. By example, we often associate certain people, places and events with certain smells. Babies often recognise their mother by smell.

When the essential oil vapours are inhaled the different chemical compounds trigger a unique response in the brain which may be either stimulating or calming. Aromas are thus powerful tools for recalling childhood memories.

History of Aromatherapy

Interaction with the human body

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