Scented Soaps

An infinite variety of soaps can easily be made at home with the fragrances you like best.

Accept this invitation and put aside an afternoon to try your hand at soap making by following this easy recipe. Have fun and surprise friends and family with this unique gift.


225 ml of carrier oil
225 ml of water
225 - 450 ml of pure unscented vegetable soap flakes
3 essentials oils

Place a heat resistant recipient with all the ingredients in a pot with hot water and allow the soap flakes to dissolve.
* Remove the recipient from the pot and mix all the ingredients using a wire whisk
* Allow the mixture to cool and then add 5 drops of each essential oil. In this way the essential oils will retain their properties and characteristic fragrance.
* Place the mixture in moulds and allow it to cool.
* Before using your soap allow 3 weeks for drying until its surface becomes hard and resistant.