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1982 Portuguese Arrastre de Vapor

The following slide show represents our Professional Portuguese "Arrastre de Vapor" Distilling system manufactured and assembled in 1982 by Al-Ambiq® markers of fine traditional alembics. This system has been in operation continuously, all year round since then, distilling vinic alcohol from grape skin batches and lower quality wines. It continues to be used presently in the service of the wine industry, especially for the fortification of well known Port wines.

This is indeed a fine testimony to its durability and superior workmanship, seeing it has outlasted its guarantee. Our confidence is such that we offer up to a 20 year guarantee on this system.

This distillery, where this system is in operation, collects tons of grape skin batches from local vineyards at giveaway prices. This is so because the grape skins are no longer of any use to the winemakers. It has proven to be quite a sound business venture with returns on investment within 3 years.

Although this system is primarily used for the distillation of vinic alcohol or grape spirit in the Iberian Peninsula our systems are being used abroad for the distillation of essential oils and hydrosols.

For more information please see our Professional Distilling Systems.

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