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Metallic Belt Structure for Discharging

Metallic Belt Structure for Discharging

A distiller can use one of many methods to discard the residue, or what is left in the copper pot after the distillation has been completed.
These may include:

  • An old car tire, the copper pot is turned on its side on top of one or more of these;
  • Draining pipes welded to the bottom side of the copper pot (items may be purchased from our site):
  • Discharging metal rail support. This rail is fastened to the side of the pot to ease the task of discharging and at the same time it protects the pot against dents (items may be purchased from our site):
  • A metallic belt system (we do not sell this system but have provided some information for customer's reference).

The metallic belt structure consists of a number of belts which are permanently welded along the bottom and sides of the copper pot (section A).

A long metal bar (section B) is then welded to the top side of this structure and this will act as an axle. The copper pot is then assembled on a permanent structure which has to be built with heat resistant bricks (heat source is placed under the copper pot). The brick structure will have to include the needed items/parts (such as anchors) to hold the axle (the protruding sections) and thus permit it to pivot.

Metallic Belt Structure for Discharging

When the distiller wishes to discard the residues found in the pot after distillation is complete, he simply attaches two metal rods (section C) to the axle (at the front). These rods facilitate the task of pivoting the pot. This metal belt structure should be built by a metal worker in your local area. The crafsman building the structure should take the weight of the loaded pot into consideration when dediciding on the thickness of the axle bar.

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