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Copper Immersion Wort Chiller



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Wort Chillers are an essential part of of making a good beer.

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15 Metre (49 foot) Immersion Wort Chiller for the homebrewer. 12.7mm (half inch) Ø copper tube. Designed for use with our 45L Copper Brewpot.

Hot boiling wort needs to cool down rapidly to yeast pitching temperature to prevent bacterial contamination and off flavours. Copper is the ideal heat exchanging material for this application, it has excellent conduction properties for decreasing the wort temperature quickly.

    Height x Length x Width (mm)470 mm x 450 mm x 360 mm
    More informationLength of copper tubing: 15 Metre (49 foot), Diameter of copper tubing: 12.7mm (half inch) and Complete coils: 12

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