Glass Liquid Thermometer 0 - 110 °C with Silicone Bung



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This specific glass thermometer with a silicon bung is designed mainly for our distilling appliances independent of their size.

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These appliances have an entry point located on the lid of the vapour chamber, (all items in our distilling appliance stills category where indication of thermometer is stated). The entry point is basically a small threaded brass tube with a cap (to seal off when not in use). It is in this entry point that you place the silicon bung with the thermometer. When in place, exact reading of vapour temperature is provided. Suitable for alcohol, essential oil and hydrosol distillation processes.

The glass rod thermometer will guarantee users a continuous and accurate temperature reading during the distillation process. The temperature on the blue alcohol - Mercury Free - thermometer ranges from 0º to 110ºC, with only a 1º maximum error probability on its total scale.

Please Note: This item can also be used for any other distilling unit we carry, other then ones stated above. It will be customer’s responsibility to have any necessary adaptations made in the distilling unit in order to be able to use; such as having a hole drilled in where distiller wishes item to be applied.

Drilling hole must range 12 to 15 mm. diameter in order to sustain the rubber bung.

    Weight0.2 kg
    Height x Diameter200 mm x 6 mm