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Traditional Riveted Alembic Still Premium @ A.roma, Rome, Italy

Traditional Riveted Alembic Still Premium @ A.roma, Rome, Italy

Thank you Amy from @nycaroma for your kindness in sharing pictures of your beautiful alembic with us! Your blog has a lot of useful information that we found very valuable to our never ending learning and discover of this amazing art.

A.roma in NYC

"A.roma is the private practice of Amy Anthony, an aromatherapist and herbalist, who focuses your needs–and how custom care plans may address those needs. Amy may assist you on the physical, mental and spiritual levels through the power of plant medicine, specifically through the use of essential oils and hydrosols."
From Dilution Rates: How They Are Derived "It all comes down to number of drops. Not grams or millilitres but the ever so unscientific number of drops–but this is ok. Aromatherapy is an art and a science about communication–so drops as a base and guideline are just fine."

» Traditional Riveted Alembic Still Premium

» Essential Oils & Hydrosols All Over The World

We invite you all to enquiry about our equipments at info@copper-alembic.com

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