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Split Top Rotating Column Alembic Still Premium @ Wise Mountain Botanicals, California, USA

Kupfer-Destillierkolben mit Rotierender Säule Premium @ Wise Mountain Botanicals, Kalifornien, USA

Thank you Amy for your kindness and feedback. It's been amazing to take a look at all the flora that surrounds you. The perfect environment to create synergistic hydrosols and many other different herbal apothecary goods. Thank you for sharing the beauty and virtues of the plants around you, as well as your experience distilling.

Wise Mountain Botanicals

"Wise Mountain Botanicals began in 2010 with the intention of creating effective and affordable herbal medicine from fresh locally abundant herbs. We are committed to providing the most vital, high quality herbal products by using only the finest and freshest ingredients. Over time, as this small business has grown, so has the herb garden, as we strive to grow as many herbs as we can. Our herbal skin care products are blended with fair trade organic oils and butters and organic essential oils. Botanical perfumes are created from 100% pure botanical absolutes, essential oils, CO2 extracts and concretes."

» Kupfer-Destillierkolben mit Rotierender Säule Premium

» Ätherische Öle und Hydrosole Auf Der Ganzen Welt

We invite you all to enquiry about our equipments at info@copper-alembic.com

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