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Soldered Copper Moonshine Alembic Still Premium + Copper Refining Lentil @ Retribution Distilling, Somerset, United Kingdom

Kupfer-Destillierkolben mit Schweissverbindungen Premium + Verfeinerungslinse aus Kupfer @ Retribution Distilling, Somerset, Vereinigtes Königreich

Verfeinerungslinse aus Kupfer

"The Refining Lentil is an accessory to be placed between the copper swan neck lid and piping that attaches to the condensing recipient. Its main purpose is to save time as the distiller has no need to proceed with a second distillation process to obtain higher levels of alcohol in the final distillate. The refining lentil carries out an initial condensation of vapors as heavier (less volatile) substances drop back into the still pot thus only allowing lighter vapours (higher gradient of alcohol) to pass through to the water cooled coils in the condenser. To use the refining lentil, distiller should have a light but constant flow of cold water on the top side of its semi sphere surface. The excess water is discarded by means of a plastic hose (not included) which should be attached to the copper outlet tube that is soldered to the sustaining water wall on the lentil. To be able to equally cool off the entire lentil surface we suggest that distiller places a cloth to cover its top side (where water is falling). This cloth will absorb and distribute an equal temperature on the entire surface. Independent of how many distillation processes distiller wishes to proceed with to obtain desired results, the refining lentil will reduce both time and processes into half needed. Gradient of alcohol may be up to 40% purer with the use of this accessory after one distillation process.

Photo by http://www.retributiondistilling.co.uk/"

» Kupfer-Destillierkolben mit Schweissverbindungen Premium

» Verfeinerungslinse aus Kupfer

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