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Distilling Column Alembic Premium, Thermometer & Electric Plate @ Wyrd Spirits, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Premium Destillierkolben mit Säule (Thermometer, elektrische Platte) @ Wyrd Spirits, Hampshire, Vereinigtes Königreich

Today we feature Mark & Kay from @wyrdspirits. Thank you so much for your kindness in sharing your distillery with us. Such wonderful adventures always start with some inspiration and a dormant dream that moves us to new endeavours, we're very proud of your success and what you've managed to achieve during these years, namely World Gin Awards in 2021. We're looking forward to the next pages of your history!

Wyrd Spirits

"We loved the Anglo-Saxon word Wyrd (pronounced weird) when we first stumbled across it. The term is used to describe the deep sense of personal destiny and connectivity to all those events and experiences around us, whether through fortune, fate or chance. Making our own spirits has always been our dream so 'Wyrd' captures our journey perfectly! Making our gin has been a real labour of love – it took us over a year of trialling and testing before we were finally happy with it! Sourcing great quality ingredients and balancing the flavours of all the botanicals really is an art. The magic happens in our traditional Portuguese alembic copper still inside our New Forest distillery. Here we distil most of our botanicals together, but we also use the modern technique of vacuum distillation for the more delicate botanicals, to preserve their subtle flavours."

» 2,5 L Premium Destillierkolben mit Säule (Thermometer, elektrische Platte)

» Spirituosen auf der ganzen Welt

We invite you all to enquiry about our equipments at info@copper-alembic.com

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