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Distilling Column Alembic Premium, Thermometer & Electric Plate @ Pinnock Distillery, Warwickshire, United Kingdom

Premium Destillierkolben mit Säule (Thermometer, elektrische Platte) @ Pinnock Distillery, Warwickshire, Vereinigtes Königreich

Today we present Dan from Pinnock Distillery, thank you so much for your kindness in sharing such wonderful pictures. Once upon a time, up a tight spiral staircase at the top of the tower, the encounter was with a sleeping princess, today we find Pinnock Gin Distillery, so it's definitely a modern-day swap! We're delighted to find artisanal gin made in a craft still, it's as much a testament to the dedication as it is love for the craft. The gin school is another great resource for learning!

Pinnock Distillery

"Located in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside, Pinnock Distillery is named after the cottage where our small-batch, copper distilled dry gin is produced. We use locally sourced honey, lavender and quince, which are accompanied by specially selected juniper, coriander, angelica, cassia, cardamom seeds, orange peel and cubeb pepper from around the globe to create a smooth and complex Warwickshire Dry Gin. Using our traditional 40L copper alembic still, we produce our Great-Taste and International Wine & Spirit Competition - IWSC award-winning gin in small batches and bottle, label and wax-seal everything by hand. Every bit of care and attention goes into every bottle we produce, in what is quite literally a cottage industry!"

Castle Gin School
Castle at Edgehill

» 2,5 L Premium Destillierkolben mit Säule (Thermometer, elektrische Platte)

» Gin-Schulen auf der ganzen Welt

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