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Soldered Copper Moonshine Alembic Still Premium @ Lough Mask Distillery, County Mayo, Ireland

Kupfer-Destillierkolben mit Schweissverbindungen Premium @ Lough Mask Distillery, Grafschaft Mayo, Irland

Thank you Eoin from @loughmaskdistillery for the trust in our company!
It's a pleasure to see our beautiful copper alembic still at your distillery! Definitely worth a visit to such an amazing landscape, on the shores of the Lough Mask lake.

Drioglann Loch Measc Distillery

"We craft tiny batches of wonderfully rich spirit by hand in our beautiful copper pot stills. These stills were made for us by traditional coppersmiths based on the ancient Alembic Still design. If you look at our stills you can see every careful hammer blow. In keeping with our micro-distillery ethos, we have up-cycled, recycled and adapted much of our equipment, sourced from various small breweries, distilleries and dairy farms."

» Kupfer-Destillierkolben mit Schweissverbindungen Premium

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We invite you all to enquiry about our equipments at info@copper-alembic.com

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