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Whiskey Yeast For Corn, Barley Or Cereal Mash



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Professional Distillery Whiskey Yeast for Corn, Barley or Cereal Mash. Formulated with Amyloglucosidase, this enzyme helps break down non-fermentable sugars into fermentable sugars.

This is a professional distillers yeast, especially selected for use in whiskey production.

Instructions: Sprinkle yeast directly onto surface of mash and let stand for 15 minutes before stirring. To ensure a good fermentation do not add nutrients, nutrients are already present in the grain mash and additional nutrients may contaminate your mash.

One 23gram sachet is enough to ferment 25 L (6.6 US gallons) of whiskey mash.

Additional information:

Superb whiskey can only be made with real whiskey yeast.

Ready to make some excellent whiskey? Fermentation of the mash is the first and most important step. If the wrong yeast is used, nothing can be done about this later.


Using bakers yeast.
Fermenting stronger than 8.5% (because you didn't use real whiskey yeast).
Adding yeast nutrients.

The purpose of bakers yeast is to produce carbon dioxide in bread. It cannot produce good whiskey taste in the mash. Furthermore, bakers yeast produces many unwanted substances one absolutely does not want in the whiskey.

If one ferments over 8.5% alcohol, using something other than a real whiskey yeast, the mash produces far too large an amount of fusel and by-products. It ruins the quality of the whiskey.

Whiskey mash needs only 0.1 - 0.2 gram nutrients per liter, and they are already in the mash. Adding more nutrients will force the yeast to produce many unwanted volatiles.


We offer you a real whiskey yeast, used in some of the finest distilleries in the world. Bulk distillery orders are welcome. We have sourced only the very best yeast on the market.

This yeast has been professionaly tested and it is considered one of the very best whiskey yeasts available for a good flavour profile.

AG is added to the yeast. In distilleries, Amyloglucosidase (AG) is added to convert the non-fermentable sugars in the mash to the fermentable sugars. This is best done during fermentation. It's not so easy during the mashing as AG tolerates max 40° C (104° F) and will be destroyed in a warmer mash. To duplicate the fermentation of a distillery, AG must be added. It is mixed with the yeast. It also increases the alcohol yield so the yeast pays for itself.

With our whiskey yeast you can ferment over 8.5% without lowering the quality of the whiskey.


Rapid fermentation rate. Ferments between 20º and 30ºC air temperature.
Total bacteria: <1x 104 cfu/g.
Application: For use in whisky production.
Suggested Dosage: 20-100g/hl dependent upon strength and rate required.
Safety Data: Non-hazardous (safety data sheet available upon request).
Shelf Life / Storage: Store in its original packaging below 25ºC for minimum 1 year.

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