Reduced price! Prestige Mini Turbo 18% for 8 to 10L

Prestige Mini Turbo 18% for 8 to 10 L



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Prestige Mini Turbo is enough for 8 liters of mash of nearly 18 %. For a sugar wash use 2.5 kg sugar.

Ingredients: Active dried yeast, yeast nutrients, trace vitamins and minerals.

Starting S.G.of nearly 1.120 and fermented out at an S.G.of 982 then there is at least 18% alcohol in the mash. Fermenting time about 7-10 days.

Excellent for fruit schnapps, and in this case enough for 25 liters . The schnapps must ferment slowly for 3-4 weeks, so the flavour does not disappear along with the carbon dioxide. This as well as the high nutritive value of the fruit is the reason for using such a low dosage of yeast.

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