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Pot Distiller's Yeast 18%



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Pot Distillers yeast 18% can ferment fruit brandy, fruit schnapps, grappa, brandy and other mashes to 18% which greatly improves taste after distillation, and gives a better yield. It's a hit with all schnapps distillers. Also, it can sometimes be used to ferment larger batches to 18% alcohol by using one sachet to 50 liters of sugar or fruit mash (half dosage). This is normally impossible with high alcohol Turbos: they ferment violently and produce so much heat early in the process that the yeast dies.

Pot Distiller's Yeast is suitable for all fruit brandy recipes. To speed up enzyme activity your starting temperature could be near 50C but the temperature should drop below 35C before you pitch the yeast. Instructions are included for fermenting up to 18% alcohol.

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