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Complete 3-in-1 Enzymes



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Complete 3-in-1 Enzymes designed for fruit mash. Includes Pectolase, Amylase and Amyloglucosidase. Pectolase breaks down cell structures and pectin, the Amylase breaks down starch into soluble dextrins, the Amyloglucosidase converts dextrins into fermentable sugars.

Dextrins are needed to give body to a wine and are therefore not recomended for winemaking - except for diabetic wine. This mixed enzyme is especially formulated for the distillation of a recipe that calls for both fruit and starch such as grains, roots and tubers. Fruits and starch are peeled, cut and boiled. Once this slurry is at 50°C this 3-in-1 enzyme is added.

Complete enzyme can also replace any of the 3 enzymes mentioned.

Sufficient for 25 L.

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