5 L Split Top Column Starter Kit Premium



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This starter kit contains everything you need in order to begin your own distillation of spirits and any alcoholic beverages. This equipment is ideal for distilling essential oils and floral waters.

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Starter Kit contains:

* 5 L Split Top Rotating Column Alembic Still Premium
* Spring Thermometer Welded to Head, Celsius & Fahrenheit Reading
* 5 L Pot Still Copper Sieve Tray
* 100 ml Plastic Measuring Cylinder

    Varnish TreatmentNo
    Height x Length x Width (mm)650mm x 510mm x 220mm
    Thickness0.9 mm

    This product is handmade and as such real dimensions, colors, shapes, weights and capacities may vary slightly from those listed here.
    The copper thickness refers to the copper sheet used in the manufacturing of the alembic.