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30 L Alchemist Alembic Still Prime Kit

714.50 €
643.05 €
- 10%714.50 €
The 30 L Alchemist Alembic Still Prime Kit was designed to get anyone started in the world of distillation. This copper still has all the features needed to experiment with different recipes. It will allow you to begin this amazing journey and produce any spirits.
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Prime Kit contains:

*30 L Cask Hood Pot Still Premium

*Spring Thermometer Welded to Head, Celsius & Fahrenheit Reading

*Copper Parrot Spout

*30 L Pot Still Copper Sieve Tray

*Alcoholmeter Cartier & Gay Lussac Scale with 30 °C Thermometer

*Cast Iron Gas Burner

Premium Model

* All the Premium units have the identifying Al-Ambiq® plaque;

* Thicker copper sheets that require more manual labor and as a result become handcrafted master pieces;

* There are brass locking / unlocking unions between the swan neck pipe and the condensing recipient to avoid the escape of vapours;

* The condensing recipient is equipped with a water inlet tube located at the bottom of the condensing recipient and an outlet tube at the top where the water exits;

* We stand out because you can be assured that our products, as well as the materials we use in the manufacturing process are completely safe, tested, certified and lead free;

* These equipments, if treated well, can last an entire lifetime.

Treatment: A first cleaning distillation is essential to clean impurities and other unwanted substances. These substances, which are inherent to copper, are deposited after the still has not been in use for a relatively long period of time.

The lid and pot need to be sealed off to prevent the escape of vapors. This is achieved with a very simple and rudimentary sealing technique;

Detailed information will be available to client after purchase is made.

Wish to read more on distilling?

Data sheet

30 L
1.1 mm
Varnish Treatment
Copper & Brass Handles
7.8 kg
Height x Length x Width (mm)
680 mm x 890 mm x 350 mm

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