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Portuguese Arrastre de Vapor with 1 Separate Distilling Column
Portuguese Arrastre de Vapor with 1 Separate Distilling Column

Portuguese Arrastre de Vapor with 1 Separate Distilling Column

Our oldest Portuguese system, this continuous distilling system only functions by vapour distillation.
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It is made up of a tubular boiler (copper tubular construction -on the left), column and a tubular cooling condenser with 2 refining plates. The advantage of this system is that the distiller can gradually expand the system to include up to 4 distilling columns and condensers with the same boiler. This represents up to 1 400 litres in each distillation process. See reference item 75350 - other options are also available. The distiller may use the 4 columns simultaneously or on a flip-flop system – while two columns are in use the other two are being discharged and reloaded. To facilitate the task of discharging, each column includes a flip-flop axle to turn the column onto its side.

Boiler: The advantage of a copper tubular construction for the boiler is that boiling point is achieved in a shorter period of time (eg. 30 minutes). The boiler includes a semi-automatic water entrance with an electric pump and a recovery system from the condenser. Warm water is recovered and redirected to the boiler, thus making this system time saving and energy efficient . To further economize on energy the boiler includes a vapour chamber. Any excess vapour is discharged into this chamber which means that there is no loss of vapours should the security valve be activated. Boiler includes all the necessary manometers/indicators to provide the distiller with total control and indications of temperature readings, pressure and water level when distilling. The boiler comes with a cast iron door that is used for wood combustion, if however distiller wish to use gas, the cast iron door may be adapted at an additional cost. Distiller may also purchase a container to hold bark wood which is automatically fed into the boiler.

Column: The boiler generates vapour which travel through the piping into the bottom of the column. Here the vapour is evenly dispersed by means of a copper steam disperser. When compacting large quantities of organic material, there is a supplied copper sieve that should be placed midway in the column. This is to distribute the weight of the organic material in the column and not clog the passage of vapours at the bottom. There are 3 different column sizes to choose from: 150L; 250L and 350L.

Independent of size, columns may be packed to full capacity as the copper lid includes an internal bowl shaped sieve which will not permit the passage of material into the copper piping, obstructing vapour passage. However for liquid distillation, the column may only be filled up to 50% of its capacity to function correctly. To facilitate opening and closing of the lid, the column includes a solid brass exterior ring with locking devices and gasket to insure that no pressure is lost. To ease the lifting of the lid (quite heavy) a pulley with a counterweight is included.

Condenser: The vapours rise and enter the copper tubular condenser directly into the 2 copper refining plates (included for alcohol distillations) located at the top of the condenser. (These will not be included for essential oil distillation). These copper plates will refine the distillate before this enters the tubular condensing tubes. The condenser includes a semi-automatic water supply and as previously mentioned the warm water is redirected to the boiler.

The distiller may purchase a professional copper parrot spout with filter and alcoholometer by means of which you can take constant readings of the alcohol exiting the condenser.

A very versatile distilling system that may be used for the distillation of spirits or essential oils used in preparing medicinal herbal extracts, perfumes, rosewater etc.

Have a look at our 1982 Portuguese Arrastre de Vapor Distilling System sequence of images.

Warranty of distilling system - Up to 10 years depending on usage.

In order to obtain the technical specifications and further information such as requirements, values etc. for this system, please fill in our enquiry request form with your information and enquiries.

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