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600 L Soldered Union Copper Alembic
600 L Soldered Union Copper Alembic
600 L Soldered Union Copper Alembic

600 L Soldered Union Copper Alembic

Completely handcrafted professional copper alembic still from 600 L up to 1000 L.
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This traditional alembic pot still is ideal for farmers or those who want to distil large batches but do not require a continuous distilling system. This model includes the alembic pot with characteristic onion shaped head and a copper coiling condensing recipient.

The alembic pot includes a detachable draining pipe to facilitate emptying the pot once distillation is complete and any residue is to be cleaned out. The condensing recipient is equipped with water inlet and outlet.

Just like for the smaller models, several accessories are available, such as:

* Refining lentil which can be placed between the alembic head and swan neck piping. The refining lentil carries out an initial condensation of vapors. Heavier (less volatile) substances are condensed and drop back into the still pot thus only allowing lighter vapours (higher alcoholic concentrations) to pass through to the water cooled coils in the condenser, thus eliminating the need for additional distillations.
* Copper funnel with brass valve attached to the pot for continuous liquid distilling
* Copper parrot spout with discharging brass valve and copper screen filter

Warranty of distilling system - Up to 10 years depending on usage.

In order to obtain the technical specifications and further information such as requirements, values etc. for this system, please fill in our enquiry request form with your information and enquiries.

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