280 L Charentais Professional Copper Alembic Still



Quick Overview:

The Charentais Alembic, the most graceful and beautiful of all alembics is also available in industrial size.

More details

Famous for its double distillation process, it is the only alembic that is allowed to make the world famous Cognac. Due to it slow distillation, the Charentais still is able to produce wine distillations that have no impurities.

Built with a thicker gauge of copper sheeting, this alembic is made up of a main boiler, a wine pre-heater and a condensing recipient. Please refer to our product info on the Charentais alembic still for further information on how it functions.

Boiler: The boiler should be assembled within a brick structure (not included) to hold and preserve the heat source. It comes complete with a cast iron door for wood combustion, an interior ash tray, cleaning recipient and a metallic grid. but it can be adapted to use some other heat source such as gas.

The boiler includes:

* a glass level with scale to measure the liquid in the boiler from the exterior
* brass locking system between copper pot and alembic head

Wine Pre-Heater: Wine is placed in the alembic pot and pre-heater to initiate distillation. The pre-heater holds 130 litres of wine which is pre-heated by the tube travelling through the interior and through which the vapours from the boiler pass on their way to the condenser. During this initial distilling process, the wine contained in the pre-heater is warmed before being led into the boiler. This concept provides an enormous improvement in both time and energy costs. It can be used as a semi-continuous system if the passage valve from the pre-heater to the boiler is opened slightly allowing a slow continuous flow of wine to the boiler. The pre-heater includes rapid brass locking/unlocking system on the copper tubing.

Condensing Recipient: The copper coiling contained inside this condensing recipient includes additional coiling length (up to 6 complete rounds) when compared with other systems – thus a slower distilling process is expected.

Warranty of distilling system - Up to 10 years depending on usage.

In order to obtain the technical specifications and further information such as requirements, values etc. for this system, please fill in our enquiry request form with your information and enquiries.