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1000 L Pneumatic Vats with Cooling Jacket Tall
1000 L Pneumatic Vats with Cooling Jacket Tall

1000 L Pneumatic Vats with Cooling Jacket Tall

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This stainless steel vat is used for fermentation and storage. This stainless steel equipment is ideal to store liquids with a high standard of conservation, because its TIG welding technique will not release any residues into the liquids inside. This way, the characteristics of the product won't change (odour and taste) and bacteria or other microorganism won’t be able to enter inside the vat. The top of this vat is sealed by an air chamber. This sealing system allows you to control the pressure inside the vat. This system of adjustable top adapts to any quantity of wine, avoiding it to get direct contact with air, even if the vat is not completely full. This equipment includes a cooling jacket which will allow you to control the temperature of its content.

This equipment can be customized to give a better response to your needs. Check our accessories and turn your stainless still vat into one of a kind.

Accessories displayed on this photo are sold separately.

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