Distilling Contest period has ended.


Iberian Coppers S.A. has organised this contest with a view to promote and publicise traditional methods of distillation using copper distillation units.

General Terms and Conditions

* This contest is open to anyone who may wish to participate regardless of their country of origin, simply register on our site and fill in our entry form to qualify.
* No one with less than 21 years of age may enter.
* All participants authorise the publication of their work thus surrendering all rights or indemnifications as a result of the publication and use of the same.
* All work submitted after the end date may be published but will not be entered into the contest.
* All material submitted should include a series of images exemplifying the distillation process (alcohol, essential oils, floral waters) and a descriptive text.
* There are no restrictions as to how many images or how much text can be submitted.
* Contestants should give a detailed presentation of the distillation process they will perform with titles, subtitles and detailed steps to present an informative report documenting the entire distillation process.
* Text should be submitted in Word or PDF format and images in Jpeg at 600×450 pixels.
* All materials may be submitted by email to or on CD to the address available on the contacts page of our site. 
* In accordance with our strict Privacy Policy, personal information will not be published unless authorisation is expressly given to do so.

Competition Period

All material should be submitted before or until the 31st of December 2007.
* Submissions made after the said date will not be entered into the contest.
* The results of this contest will be published on our site on the 31st of January 2008.
* All contestants will be notified by mail of the results.


The jury panel will consist of a representative from each of our company's departments.
* In case of a draw the company president will have the deciding vote.

Prizes and Honourable Mention

First to third places will receive a prize, fourth to tenth places will receive a discount voucher and honorable mention.
* All prizes will include shipping costs.
* The prizes are as follows:

1st place: 40 L Cask Hood Alembic and shipping at € 1200,00
2nd place: 2,75 L Distilling appliance and shipping at € 447,00
3rd place: Small Distilling Unit and shipping at € 207,00

Fourth to tenth places will receive a discount voucher to the value of  € 20,00 for any purchases made at Iberian Coppers S.A.

Download our printable entry form and take part now!