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Split Top Rotating Column Alembic Still Premium @ Robin’s Egg Herbal, New York, USA

Split Top Rotating Column Alembic Still Premium @ Robin’s Egg Herbal, New York, USA

Today we feature Becky from Robin's Egg Herbal in New York. Thank you so much for your kindness in sharing such beautiful and inspiring pictures of your copper alembic still. We are proud to see our alembics being used in the development of products meant for the well-being of others. We're looking forward to seeing more live distillation workshops in the future.

Robin's Egg Herbal

"The creation of aromatic herbal hydrosols is a precious process requiring acute awareness, patience, and reverence for the plants that we grow in house. Steam distillation of our garden grown herbs produces a uniquely potent botanical water containing the medicinal qualities of each plant, minute quantities of essential oil, and perhaps most importantly- an energetic imprint of the plant's particular message in relation to place and the quality of care. Hyrdosols are truly a remedy for the body, mind and spirit in unison." "Robin's Egg Herbal is an apothecary, medicinal garden, and vessel for creative expression based in the Hudson River Valley of New York. Small batch remedies are crafted from seasonally available plants with the intention to bring you back in tune with your earthly bodies through the intelligence of plants."

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