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Split Top Rotating Column Alembic Still Premium @ Brunstatt-Didenheim, France

Split Top Rotating Column Alembic Still Premium @ Brunstatt-Didenheim, France

Thank you @aupif.nature (our survivor!) for all your feedback and kindness to share your set up with us.
The Al-Ambiq® Split Top Rotating Column Copper Alembic Stills were conceived with a perforated copper tray on the bottom of the column, not only to separate the organics from the water but also allow the passage of vapors. It's ideal for distilling botanicals or fruits that need to be separated from the water and require steam distillation to achieve the best results.

Premium Model manufactured with:
    * Thicker copper sheets that require more manual labour and as a result become hand crafted master pieces;
    * There are brass locking / unlocking unions between the lid, swan neck pipe and the condensing recipient to avoid the escape of vapours;
    * The extension pipe is provided to compensate for the increased height of the column when in use. It should be connected between the swan neck piping and the condensing recipient;
    * The column is attached to the pot with a removable metallic axle;
    * The pot includes a draining pipe and a brass stopper;
    * The condensing recipient is equipped with a water inlet tube located at the bottom of the condensing recipient and an outlet tube at the top where the water exits;
    * We stand out because you can be assured that our products, as well as the materials we use in the manufacturing process are completely safe, tested, certified and lead free;
    * These equipments, if treated well, can last an entire lifetime.
    * All the Premium units have the identifying Al-Ambiq® plaque;

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