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Split Top Rotating Column Alembic Still Premium @ Mint Family Farms, British Columbia, Canada

Split Top Rotating Column Alembic Still Premium @ Mint Family Farms, British Columbia, Canada

Today we present Iryna from Mint Family Farms. Your three major reasons to choose a copper still gets all the important features for anyone embracing aromatherapy and using copper stills as a tool to their craft. Thank you very much for your kindness and comments, we await your future distillations!

Mint Family Farms

"Well probably I'll start with reminding everyone that plants are the best medicine!.. What kind of plants,- you'd ask - and how to get the most of it? Basically all plants, but.. grown without spraying and far from roads and such, gently hand picked and handled responsibly. There are many ways to turn plants into a medicine: tea, tincture, HYDROSOL, oil, topical application of plant parts, aromatherapy of course! Each plant has it's pros and cons for each person.. so definitely need to do some research or consult a specialist before using any medicinally. Most of the forms such as tea, tincture, oil are quite familiar to everyone.. but what is hydrosol? I'm pretty sure everyone heard about rose water or floral water .. that is probably the most popular example of hydrosol. Hydrosol or hydrolat or floral water is an aromatic water that is produced by steam or hydro distilling fresh (or dried) flowers, leaves, fruit, bark and other plant material. On one hand it has similar properties to essential oils, but is much less concentrated so doesn't need any dilution before applying and safe for all ages. On the other hand hydrosols contain other beneficial water soluble parts of the plants. How do we extract it? With the help of this beautiful COPPER still. Plant material and water are heated by fire and transformed into a vapor. This vapor condenses down into aromatic water and essential oil. Why copper? It has quite higher cost than similar stainless steel unit. Three major reasons. Its very high thermal conductivity helps to distribute heat evenly and the vapor to cool quickly. Copper being long lasting material. And the last but not the least reason - copper has been proven to have antimicrobial properties and destroys a wide range of bacteria that may otherwise appear in hydrosol. Hope this small bit of information will inspire you to continue researching this subject "

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