Kit Filter Unit, UNO & 220 mm Funnel



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Complete Filter System for use with 220mm funnel and activated stone carbon.

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Multipurpose 220mm Chemical Resistant Plastic Funnel for use with acitivated carbon and filter unit.


* Three 40mm x 50cm food grade polypropylene filtration tubes.
* Two Connectors for 40 mm tubes. Made of soft, food grade and alcohol tolerant plastic. Used to connect 40 mm plastic tubes to lengthen activated carbon filter.
* Filterunit end for 40 mm tube - Put this in the end of the 40 mm hard plastic tube that is filled with activated carbon. A sieve inside keeps the carbon in place, 40mm diameter filter papers may be placed in this unit. Can be used in both ends of the tube so that filtration can be done upwards with a siphon. Small end to fit a 8 x 11 mm soft tube.
* Tube holder. Holds 40mm tube in place. Filter tube snaps on easily.
* Five Munktell Filter papers
* Hose clamp to hold filter papers in place.

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