Spring Thermometer Welded to Head, Celsius & Fahrenheit Reading



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This thermometer is suitable for any model still used for the distillations of essential oils and hydrosols.

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As it functions on a spring system, the readings are not as accurate (there may be up to a 10% variance) as other available thermometers, such as 4806 or 4807. The distillation of essential oils and hydrosols does not require an accurate temperature reading as in the distillation of spirits. The purpose of this measuring instrument is to verify that the system is not coagulated and that vapours have a free passage until they reach the condenser.

The thermometer shows the temperature in celsius and fahrenheit degrees

Please note: Thermometer should be purchased at the same time as the still , and will be delivered via regular postal mail if ordered on its own. Please allow a few days for the thermometer to be soldered on to the alembic.

    Casing Angle180º
    Height x Diameter40 mm / 60 mm / 80 mm