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Copper Parrot Spout
Copper Parrot Spout
Copper Parrot Spout
Copper Parrot Spout
Copper Parrot Spout

Copper Parrot Spout

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The copper parrot spout is highly recommended when using an Alcoholmeter. It is installed on the spout to read the ABV while distilling, making your job much easier. Highly recommended
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Please Note: This accessory, designed for larger volumes, is only compatible with our alembic stills over 5L. It is not suitable for Small Distilling Units or Distilling Appliances.

72910.pngAny alcoholic distillation for human consumption must follow and respect basic distillation rules and guidelines in order to avoid personal injury.

During the distillation process it is very important to separate the distillate results in terms of the alcoholic percentage, commonly know as the separation of the Heads Hearts & Tails.

The copper parrot spout, which is attached to the exiting spout of the condensing recipient, is made to hold an alcoholmeter (not included) also known as a hydrometer. This alcoholmeter provides the distiller with constant and accurate information on the alcohol level of the exiting distillate when this is coming out of the condenser.

The distillate enters and travels down the tube and into the parrot spout’s chamber where the alcoholmeter is inserted and floats in the liquid. Depending on the density of the distillate the alcoholmeter will rise or lower. The reading is taken at the point where the upper surface of the liquid touches the alcoholmeter, thus providing a reading of the alcoholic percentage of the distillate.

The parrot spout includes three separate couplings with different connecting diameters so that it may be used with any of our alembic model stills.

1.1 mm
Varnish Treatment
0.7 kg
Height x Width
280 mm x 210 mm

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