Copper Essential Oil Separator - Essencier



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This unique copper florentine separator also known as an essencier allows the distiller to separate essential oils from hydrolats through a very simple and time-saving process.

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The distillation of essential oils and hydrolats is very different from the distillation of spirits. The need to control temperature is not as influential as there are no cutting off points. As the distillate exits the condensing recipient in a very turbulent manner, normally it would take quite a long time for the two liquids to settle down and separate. Through a unique yet simple mechanism inside the essencier, the essential oils are separated from the hydrolats almost instantly.

The essencier has two exiting outlets: a spout on the side from where the hydrolats exit and a copper tube in the middle from where the essential oils exit. By controlling the liquid level of the hydrolat exit the distillate may either collect hydrolytes or essential oils.

Have a look at the following Lavender oil distillation process, where one of our essenciers has been used to separate the essential oil and hydrosols from Lavender & Lavandin Flowers.

An instruction booklet is included with purchase of this item.

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    Weight1.7 kg
    Thickness1.1 mm
    Varnish TreatmentNo
    Height x Width210 mm x 280 mm