Alcoholmeter Cartier & Gay Lussac Scale with 30 °C Thermometer



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Quick Overview:

The purpose of an alcoholmeter is to measure the alcohol percentage in the distillate.

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This alcoholmeter with the aid of a copper parrot spout, which is attached to the distilalte outlet of the condensing recipient, will provide constant and accurate readings of the exiting distillate .

This model includes both the Cartier and Gay Lussac scale. The Cartier scale was introduced in 1771 for the purpose of testing liquor, and is still favored by many even though it was replaced by the Gay Lussac scale in 1824 better known as alcohol by volume (ABV) and often expressed as a percentage of the total volume(%).

In order to obtain accurate readings of the alcohol concentration in the distillate, the temperature reading must be at 20ºC, (point at which alcoholmeter is calibrated). To be able to determine the temperature of the distillate, an external thermometer is generally needed.

This alcoholometer, has the advantage of including a built-in 0º to 30ºC thermometer, thus facilitating the task of measuring the correct temperature of the distillate and enabling the distiller to obtain more accurate readings. As distiller obtains both the alcohol and temperature readings of the distillate at the same time, he can easily calculate the exact alcohol reading with the aid of the correction table chart, should the temperature of the distillate differ from its calibrated point.

See using an alcoholmeter & method along with basic distillation rules for some useful information.

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    More informationCalibration: 20ºC and 0º to 30º Thermometer
    Height x Diameter310 mm x 18 mm