500 L Charentais Copper Alembic Still Premium



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Reminiscent of exotic and far away places the Charentais Alembic still is considered the most beautiful and graceful of all alembics. Unlike the majority of the other alembics, the charentais stills evolved in the Cognac region of France in the early XVI century when the acidy white Charente wines from this region were first distilled into brandy.

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Premium Model manufactured with:

* 500 L Heating copper pot with soldered draining pipe and brass stopper;

* Brass locking / unlocking unions between with lid, swan neck pipe and the condensing recipient to avoid the escape of vapours;

* Onion shaped pre-heater 250 L pot complete with wine level indicator (acrylic tube),brass tap and connector;

* Condensing recipient with a very tightly coiled tubing (condensing coil longer than in other alembics) water inlet and outlet and an inverted funnel lid (decorative);

* All the Premium units have the identifying Al-Ambiq® plaque;

* Thicker copper sheets that require more manual labour and as a result become hand crafted master pieces;

* Certified by CE;

* Brass solders are used instead of copper or phosphorous alloy solders;

* These equipments, if treated well, can last an entire lifetime.

Treatment: A first cleaning distillation is essential to clean impurities and other unwanted substances. These substances, which are inherent to copper, are deposited after the still has not been in use for a relatively long period of time.

The lid and pot need to be sealed off to prevent the escape of vapors. This is achieved with a very simple and rudimentary sealing technique;

Detailed information will be available to client after purchase is made.

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    Varnish TreatmentNo
    Height x Length x Width (mm)1720 mm x 1850 mm x 750 mm
    Thickness2 mm
    MaterialCopper & Brass Handles
    Weight120 kg
    Capacity500 L

    This product is handmade and as such real dimensions, colors, shapes, weights and capacities may vary slightly from those listed here.
    The copper thickness refers to the copper sheet used in the manufacturing of the alembic.